Ludwig van Beethoven

About Ludwig van Beethoven's Concertos

Beethoven’s piano concertos represent the climax of the Classical concerto, but also functioned as models for the Romantic composers.
In the first three (of which No.1 actually followed No.2 in order of composition) the spirits of Mozart and Haydn are very much present: for example, the C minor concerto is clearly modelled on Mozart’s concerto K. 491 in the same key, which Beethoven played in concerts. At the same time, Beethoven gives a lot more importance to the orchestra than his predecessors, to the extent that in the last two concertos one could almost speak of symphonies with piano obbligato. Among many important inventions is the built-in cadenza (5th concerto), incorporated into the main body of the movement instead of being extemporised by the performer.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
Piano Concerto 1 Op. 15  in C Major by Beethoven piano sheet music AAB Piano Concerto 1 Op. 151 C Major 1797 8+
Piano Concerto 2 Op. 19  in B-flat Major by Beethoven piano sheet music AAC Piano Concerto 2 Op. 1933 B-flat Major 1798 8+
Piano Concerto 3 Op. 37  in C Minor by Beethoven piano sheet music AAD Piano Concerto 3 Op. 372 C Minor 1803 8+
Piano Concerto 4 Op. 58  in G Major by Beethoven piano sheet music AAE Piano Concerto 4 Op. 5823 G Major 1806 8+
Piano Concerto 5 Op. 73  in E-flat Major by Beethoven piano sheet music AAF Piano Concerto 5 Op. 7311 E-flat Major 1809 8+
Triple Concerto Op. 56  in C Major by Beethoven piano sheet music AAG Triple Concerto Op. 561 C Major 1805 8+
Piano Concerto (arranged from the Violin Concerto) Op. 61  in D Major by Beethoven piano sheet music AAH Piano Concerto (arranged from the Violin Concerto) Op. 617 D Major 1807 8+
Choral Fantasy Op. 80  in C Minor by Beethoven piano sheet music AAI Choral Fantasy Op. 802 C Minor 1808 8+

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