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Debussy: L'isle joyeuse in A Major

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Claude Debussy :
L'isle joyeuse
L'isle joyeuse   in A Major by Debussy piano sheet music
Key: A Major Year: 1904
Level: 8+ Period: Impressionism
piano sheet music Piano score: Scanned score (2026 kB)

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xx Debussy: L'isle joyeuse
March 01, 2011, 01:39:29 PM by pianisten1989

Any comments are welcome! Smiley

EDIT: This is an old piece, which I started playing again like a month ago. I'm planning to enter a competition in June. The pieces I post in the forum is my program Smiley

xx Debussy- L'isle joyeuse... again
January 20, 2011, 02:48:01 PM by pianisten1989

So, I'm playing Debussy again Cheesy

Since neither I nor my teacher is Debussy-pros, I'd really appreciate some comments Smiley

xx Which pieces should I choose?Liszt, Rach, Chopin or Debusyy?
October 29, 2010, 07:33:10 PM by keyb0ardfweak


It's my first year in the conservatory and I wanted to ask all of you what you would recommend me to do.

Btw, I am in the 7th year of 10

I ask opinions here. The only problem is if I am doing correctly or not.
Because my teacher believes I can and she demands me to play this on december and on may...

Anyways, the pieces I would like to choose are:

- Liszt - "Ballade no.1" (This one has to be in May) or "Un suspiro etude"
- Rachmaninoff - "Prelude Op.3 no.2" or "Prelude Op.23 no.5"
- Scarlatti - "K.141" or "K.87"
- Chopin - "Scherzo Op.20" or "Etude Op.10 no.8"
- Debussy - One of the "Images" book, AND, I was thinking of "L'isle joyeuse"

On december I have to play Bach's Prelude and fugue 2 (WTC 1), Chopin's etude op.10 no.6 and Scarlatti's Sonata "K.141"..I would like to play something more challenging..

Now..I have a BIG problem

Personally, she tells me, and some other friends that I can play all of that stuff!!
But..I don't feel like I can!!=S

I am 19 years old and I've been playing since 11-12

I would like you to help me on how to memorize all of this o.O

It seems hard for me

xx Debussy - L'isle joyeuse
July 06, 2010, 01:37:06 PM by andhow04

this is from a concert a couple of weeks ago.  here is the whole program:

Medtner - two fairy tales, op.20
Quentin Kim - Sonata in g# minor
Franck - Prelude, Chorale n Fugue
Debussy - Masques / D'un cahier d'esquisses / L'isle joyeuse
Bartok - Musiques nocturnes
Messiaen - petites esquisses d'oiseaux

xx [quasi-video] Debussy L'isle Joyeuse
May 27, 2010, 01:44:26 PM by pobeli

From a recital last year.

xx Fingering problem L'Isle Joyeuse
November 28, 2008, 10:06:40 PM by dashing_dutchman

Looking for a good fingering (if there is one) in L'Isle Joyeyse, right hand, PS edition second page, second and third to last measures.

xx Debussy - l'isle joyeuse
November 02, 2008, 10:34:57 AM by pianisten1989

Well... my teacher suggested I should "l'isle joyeuse". I'll have untill March to play it, then I have to being able to play it very well.

Now, the subject:
Which are the technical problems in this piece?
And, since I'm not too familiar with music of Debussy, is there any pianist I'd listen to more than others? (Like Rubenstein to Chopin, or Cziffra to Liszt)

And last thing (And the most stupid question): How hard is this piece compared to The Waldstein sonata and the Mephistowaltz?
I know you really can't comare such different pieces, but generally, does the l'isle joyeuse cause a lot more problem than the Liszt piece?

xx L'isle joyeuse
July 26, 2008, 05:15:23 AM by cobalt_18

I wanted some people's thoughts on what the most difficult section in L'isle Joyeuse is?

xx Debussy - L'Isle Joyeuse
September 12, 2007, 02:51:21 PM by cardinals

Recorded today with CASIO px-310...thx  Smiley

xx L'Isle of Joyeuse - pianistimo
January 08, 2007, 04:34:31 AM by pianistimo

ok.  this is my first draft.  hopefully, i'll be able to do another one before the competition finals.  the end of the piece is sightreading basically.  it's not that great - but it's interesting to hear it with the 'fantasy' synthesizer.  the next one will be piano, God willing.  recording is always a 'miracle' here. 

xx Debussy, video of L'isle Joyeuse
May 25, 2005, 10:16:53 PM by Nightscape

This is a video of me playing L'isle Joyeuse by Debussy.  Comments?  Has it improved any since I last recorded it?


xx My first piano piece at Piano Forum :P
May 19, 2005, 05:45:36 PM by Bouter Boogie

Hi everyone,

Here's my first piano piece at this Forum, hehe..
It's a recording of L'Isle Joyeuse.. I played it almost a year ago, it's not very good (the piece didn't really fit with me)..
I actually prefer pieces like Suggestion Diabolique (Prokofiev) or Toccata (Chatschaturjan)  Grin
Anyway, I had to play L'Isle Joyeuse at a concert so here's the link to my record:

[ http://members.home.nl/de.maaskant/hanne.wmv ]

If you can't open it, check out my site.. Beneath my photo you can click on the same link..
Comments or advice? Please tell me  Smiley

P.S. I quit playing this piece btw  Tongue

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