Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sonata 10
in C Major, K. 330

ID: 71
Key: C Major
Year: 1783
Level: 8
Period: Classical
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Forum posts about this piece:

Help me pick a new piece! by furr104
Hi everyone, First post here, hope this is the right section to post to :/ I'm looking for something new to read during the summer break along with what I'm currently practicing...

Begining of Mozart's piano sonata KV330 by jlmap
Is this first sentence (measures 1 to 4) an example of what Seth Monaham mentions as "Plagal ii" in the old classical style (www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTqfaJ4JJdI), at 13:54?

Mozart Sonata k 330 is too easy? by andrewcorrea
Hi Guys! I'm preparing a repertorie to apply for some competitions soon and as many of you know, they ask for a classical sonata from mozart, haydn or beethoven. I already played the beethoven No. 8...

Advice for fingering on a Mozart trill by dss62467
My teacher talked me into playing at the upcoming recital, since none of his adult students ever dare do it.  We're doing a Mozart violin sonata (violin/piano duet), but he asked if I would do a solo...

Mozart Sonata K.330 by njalli
Can anyone tell me about the difficoultie of the 1st MVT compared to the 3rd one? looking for answers...

Mozart's k330 by justinjalandoni
in bar #2 of Mozart's k330 is the trlll played as a quarduplet or quintuplet? Also if you have any suggestions please feel free to do...

Easy but great Mozart by notturno
I've just been listening to Mozart's Piano Sonata is C major, K330, and am speechless at its beauty (Horowitz' recording).  I'd like to learn some Mozart, but am looking for something...

Gould's Mozart K.330 sonata by kghayesh
I listened to Gould's interpretation of the C major Sonata K.330 today. I thought it was quite a strange recording. First, I expected an ultra fast tempo as what is usually expected from Glenn....

Mozart Sonata K330 first movement by acha114
I absolutely love the first movement. However I am having difficulty playing this passage at speed, or even half speed for that matter. The passage is at the end of the 1st movement.

Which sonata to choose, Mozart K.330 or Beethoven Op.90 by kghayesh
I am doing Grade 8 ABRSM next June and i am still confused between what piece to choose from list B. I am confused between the Mozart K.330 in C and the Beethoven Op.90 in E minor. Note that here i...

Mozart Sonata C Major KV 330 (not that famous easier one) by MarkFour
Could someone please show me how to do the grace note and trill on measure seven? I know trills here supposed to start on upper, but it really feels like it shoulcn't. And that first grace...

Mozart Sonata in C K330 1st movement by hrabachkop
I can pretty much play the whole of the first movement but have problems with trills in the final runs and playing them up to speed. Should I slow down the whole movement or keep on until I've...

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Mozart: Sonata K. 330 in C Major (published in 1783) . DOWNLOAD piano sheet music from Piano Street digital sheet music library.
Sonata in C Major K. 330 by the composer Wolfgang Amadéus Mozart (1756-1791). This piano piece was composed in 1783 and is part of Mozart's Sonatas.

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