Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sonata 12
in F Major, K. 332

ID: 72
Key: F Major
Year: 1783
Level: 8
Period: Classical
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Forum posts about this piece:

Mozart Sonatas Expected tempo speed for various levels by pascalxus
What tempo speed would you expect for Mozart Sonata 300k in f major, for levels 7 thru 10?  assuming it's a level test or perhaps a recital. I know it's tempo marked at 152. ...

Help with the 3rd movement of Mozart's F major Sonata K.332 by jlmap
Hi! I'm having some problems with the analysis of the development of the third movement of this sonata. For example: in which transitory tonality are measures 10 and 11 of this development? C minor? Than,...

Forearm pain caused by bad movements and cold hands? by vetenar
During a practice session today I sensed some pain in my right forearm. I filmed a bit of myself playing and would like to ask for your advice. Mostly I practice on a digital piano at home. This week...

Temperament Experiment by klavieronin
There has been a bit of talk about different tuning systems on this forum lately and so I thought it would be fun to conduct a little experiment. Below are 10 different recordings of the opening of...

Practice a piece for competition in 35 days? by zxiao9
Hi all, So I have just found out about a local piano competition in my town today. Its held in a college four miles from my place, so I was like, why not. And I applied. The problem is, its going to...

Opinions on new repertoire by joaosousa
Hey guys :D This will be my new repertoire. What do you guys think ? Mozart- Sonata K. 332 F major Carneyro (portuguese piece) - Arpa Eolea (www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or91vUy9qEc)

Medtner for college audition? by zxiao9
I am prepping for college audition next year. Since most auditions require a "20/21st century" work, I was thinking about doing some Medtner pieces, since I appreciate his music quite a lot. My...

trills with 3 & 4 by mozartnoob
I came across a difficult passage that involved a trill with the 3 & 4 finger. I have noticed this in a lot of Mozart sonatas, especially k331 and 332. I just changed the fingering and got on with it. But...

Mozart sonata 6 or 12? by santiagoguerrero
What would you choose and...

Not blurring notes- need urgent help by mozartnoob
Only 2 weeks till auditions for a talent show, prize 1000$. Buy i have been very busy with exam prepaerations. So my mozart sonata 12 has taken a backseat. I have been reviving it and the 2nd and 3rd movements...

In the mood for a Mozart sonata... by kelly_kelly
...which one? I've worked on K. 332 and K. 457. I really like K. 284, K. 310, K. 533, and K. 576. My reservations about each are: K. 284 is rather long with the Theme and Variations, and...

All Mozart Program by iumonito
Y'all are invited! I'll be playing an all-Mozart program at Highlands Presbyterian Church, 6909 Smoky Row Rd, Columbus Ohio, January 9, 2 pm. Here is the program:

Mozart K332 question by elspeth
I'm about to start learning Mozart K332, sonata in F major. In the second movement, the edition I'm using has an ornamented version and a non-ornamented version. The editorial lists that...

Difficulty of these pieces.. by mmro
Could someone tell me  the order of these pieces from the easiest to the hardest? Chopin Poloanaise Op 26 No 1 Beethoven Sonata Op 10 No 1 Mozart Sonata K332 Schubert Impromptu Op...

Arghg Mozart!! by jmao
I'm having a hard time with mozart's k332.... I find it so difficult!!!. YEAH, DIFFICULT. I couldn't care less what other people say, mozart is extremely difficult!. At first it seems so simple...

Ugggr. Mozart. Sonata in F and hot pirozhki! by ingagroznaya
Mozart. Sonata in F. How do you teach it, when you don't feel as you can play it well your self? I don't feel it. I fake it. What words to use? I can't ignore the guy, but I CAN NOT relate....

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Sonata in F Major K. 332 by Wolfgang Amadéus Mozart. Sheet music and recordings of thousands of piano pieces by Wolfgang Amadéus Mozart and many other famous composers to view in your digital device, print out or listen to.
Sonata in F Major - K. 332 is a piece by the classical composer Wolfgang Amadéus Mozart.
The composition was first published in 1783 and is included in Sonatas by Mozart.

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