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Strauss II to Wieck-Schumann

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Composer - Title Key Type Level
Strauss II: Morning JournalsD MajorTranscription7
Strauss II: On the Beautiful Blue DanubeD MajorTranscription6
Strauss II: Artist's LifeC MajorTranscription6
Strauss II: Tales from the Vienna WoodsC MajorTranscription7
Strauss II: Wine, Woman and SongE-flat MajorTranscription7
Strauss II: Enjoy LifeB-flat MajorTranscription6
Strauss II: New ViennaB-flat MajorTranscription6
Strauss II: A Thousand and One NightsC MajorTranscription6
Strauss II: Viennese BloodC MajorTranscription7
Strauss II: You and YouF MajorTranscription6
Strauss II: Cagliostro WaltzesG MajorTranscription6
Strauss II: O Beautiful MayG MajorTranscription7
Strauss II: Roses from the SouthF MajorTranscription7
Strauss II: Kiss WaltzG MajorTranscription7
Strauss II: Voices of SpringB-flat MajorTranscription6
Strauss II: Danube MermaidE-flat MajorTranscription7
Strauss II: Emperor WaltzC MajorTranscription6
Stravinsky: Piano Rag Musicn/aPiece8+
Stravinsky: Etuden/aPiece8
Stravinsky: Russian Dancen/aTranscription8+
Stravinsky: Petrushka's Roomn/aTranscription8+
Stravinsky: The Shrovetide Fairn/aTranscription8+
Tchaikovsky: Waltz from the Opera "Eugen Onegin"D MajorTranscription3
Tchaikovsky: Souvenir de HapsalE MinorPiece8+
Tchaikovsky: RomanceF MinorPiece8
Tchaikovsky: Waltz - ScherzoA MajorPiece6
Tchaikovsky: CapriccioG-flat MajorPiece8+
Tchaikovsky: Polka de SalonB-flat MajorPiece8+
Tchaikovsky: NocturneF MajorPiece8
Tchaikovsky: Original Theme and VariationsF MajorPiece8+
Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto 1B-flat MinorConcerto8+
Tchaikovsky: Sad SongB-flat MajorPiece5
Tchaikovsky: Song Without wordsA MinorPiece5
Tchaikovsky: WaltzF-sharp MinorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: Russian DanceA MinorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: Sentimental WaltzF MinorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: DumkaC MinorPiece8+
Tchaikovsky: Morning PrayerG MajorPiece3
Tchaikovsky: Winter MorningB MinorPiece6
Tchaikovsky: MamaG MajorPiece4
Tchaikovsky: The Little HorsemanD MajorPiece6
Tchaikovsky: Marches of the Wooden SoldierD MajorPiece4
Tchaikovsky: The New DollB-flat MajorPiece5
Tchaikovsky: The Sick DollG MinorPiece3
Tchaikovsky: The Doll's BurialC MinorPiece4
Tchaikovsky: WaltzE-flat MajorPiece5
Tchaikovsky: PolkaB-flat MajorPiece5
Tchaikovsky: MazurkaD MinorPiece4
Tchaikovsky: Russian SongF MajorPiece4
Tchaikovsky: The Peasant Plays an IntroductionB-flat MajorPiece5
Tchaikovsky: Folk SongD MajorPiece6
Tchaikovsky: Italian SongD MajorPiece4
Tchaikovsky: Old French MelodyG MinorPiece3
Tchaikovsky: German SongE-flat MajorPiece5
Tchaikovsky: Neapolitan SongE-flat MajorPiece5
Tchaikovsky: The Old Maid-Servan't TaleC MajorPiece5
Tchaikovsky: The WitchE MinorPiece6
Tchaikovsky: Sweet ReverieC MajorPiece4
Tchaikovsky: Song of the LarkG MajorPiece5
Tchaikovsky: In ChurchE MinorPiece4
Tchaikovsky: The Hurdy-GurdyG MajorPiece5
Tchaikovsky: ImpromptuF MinorPiece8
Tchaikovsky: LullabyA-flat MajorPiece8
Tchaikovsky: Gentle ReproachesC-sharp MinorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: Characteristic DanceD MajorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: DialogueB MajorPiece8
Tchaikovsky: A Bit of SchumannD-flat MajorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: The RascalE MajorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: Countryside EchoE-flat MajorPiece8
Tchaikovsky: A Bit of ChopinC-sharp MinorPiece8
Tchaikovsky: Waltz in Five-Beat timeD MajorPiece8
Tchaikovsky: January - By the FiresideA MajorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: February - CarnivalD MajorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: March - Song of the LarkG MinorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: April - SnowdropB-flat MajorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: May - White NightsG MajorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: June - BarcarolleG MinorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: July - The Reaper's SongE-flat MajorPiece6
Tchaikovsky: August - The HarvestB MinorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: September - The HuntG MajorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: October - Autumn SongD MinorPiece6
Tchaikovsky: November - In the TroikaE MajorPiece7
Tchaikovsky: December - ChristmasA-flat MajorPiece6
Technique: Harmonic Minor Scalesn/aExercisen/a
Technique: Major Arpeggiosn/aExercisen/a
Technique: Major Scalesn/aExercisen/a
Technique: Melodic Minor Scalesn/aExercisen/a
Technique: Minor Arpeggiosn/aExercisen/a
Türk: It's always hard to beginC MajorPiece1
Türk: LazybonesA MinorPiece1
Türk: The Lively BoyC MajorPiece1
Türk: Carefree JohnnyG MajorPiece1
Türk: Cradle SongF MajorPiece1
Türk: ScalesD MajorPiece1
Türk: A Nice ManB-flat MajorPiece1
Türk: Who Would Bother with Idle FanciesG MajorPiece1
Türk: I am so dull and illE MinorPiece1
Türk: Children's BalladA MajorPiece1
Türk: KeennessC MajorPiece1
Türk: A Soft-Hearted ManF MajorPiece1
Türk: A Kind ManD MajorPiece1
Türk: Sad FeelingsA MinorPiece1
Türk: Sleep, my Baby, SleepE-flat MajorPiece1
Türk: Childhood yearsC MajorPiece1
Türk: InnocenceA MajorPiece1
Türk: As it really should beF MajorPiece2
Türk: BalletD MajorPiece2
Türk: Folk-tuneE-flat MajorPiece2
Türk: Like No. 18C MajorPiece2
Türk: Miniature rondoF MajorPiece2
Türk: ContentmentA MinorPiece2
Türk: Horns and their echoD MajorPiece2
Türk: Youthful happinessG MajorPiece2
Türk: German SongE-flat MajorPiece3
Türk: A Cheerful SpriritB-flat MajorPiece2
Türk: Song of a Knight in the Darkening WoodG MinorPiece2
Türk: Strumming is part of our jobC MajorPiece3
Türk: Four clubs?-Pass!E MajorPiece3
Türk: For Practicing Thirds and SixthsF MajorPiece2
Türk: Carefree HappinessC MajorPiece2
Türk: In MourningG MinorPiece2
Türk: Infantry MarchD MajorPiece2
Türk: Spinning SongF MajorPiece2
Türk: As it really shouldn't beA MajorPiece2
Türk: MusetteC MajorPiece2
Türk: Youthfully AlertG MajorPiece3
Türk: A Firm, Manly CharacterD MinorPiece2
Türk: Serious FeelingsF MajorPiece2
Türk: Military Parade-MarchD MajorPiece2
Türk: The Leaping DancerG MajorPiece2
Türk: Like a Solemn and Dignified ChoraleB-flat MajorPiece2
Türk: A Light SongF MajorPiece3
Türk: We Dance till the Floor ShakesD MajorPiece3
Türk: One to StartC MajorPiece1
Türk: Rests, Rests? Nothing but Rests?G MajorPiece1
Türk: Quaver RestsC MajorPiece1
Türk: Hushaby. my BabyF MajorPiece1
Türk: Fingers Under and OverD MajorPiece1
Türk: The Two InvalidsE MinorPiece1
Türk: Inverted MordentsC MajorPiece1
Türk: Phrase-EndingsF MajorPiece1
Türk: Short AppoggiaturasA MajorPiece1
Türk: No Great Art is HereB-flat MajorPiece1
Türk: A Little BalletD MajorPiece1
Türk: TiesE-flat MajorPiece1
Türk: In OctavesC MajorPiece1
Türk: The Singer with a HarpG MajorPiece1
Türk: MordentsD MinorPiece1
Verdi: "Céleste Aida" from the Opera AidaB-flat MajorTranscription5
Verdi: "Grand March" from the Opera AidaF MajorTranscription5
Vogel: The Brave HorsemanC MajorPiece1
Vogel: WaltzG MajorPiece1
Weber: Sonata 1C MajorSonata8+
Weber: Sonata 2A-flat MajorSonata8+
Weber: Sonata 3D MinorSonata8+
Weber: Sonata 4E MinorSonata8+
Wieck-Schumann: Impromptu, Le Sabbat (Witches Dance)A MinorPiece6
Wieck-Schumann: RomanceG MinorPiece7
Wieck-Schumann: Prelude & FugueG MinorPiece6
Wieck-Schumann: Prelude & FugueB-flat MajorPiece7
Wieck-Schumann: Prelude & FugueD MinorPiece6
Wieck-Schumann: Variations on a Theme by Robert SchumannF-sharp MinorVariations8+
Wieck-Schumann: RomanceA MinorPiece8
Wieck-Schumann: RomanceF MajorPiece6
Wieck-Schumann: RomanceG MinorPiece8+
Wieck-Schumann: LarghettoF MajorPiece6
Wieck-Schumann: Un poco agitatoA MinorPiece5
Wieck-Schumann: Andante espressivoD MajorPiece5
Wieck-Schumann: ScherzoG MajorPiece6

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