Domenico Scarlatti
in F Minor, K. 466

Combining a motif in broken chords with a motif in triplets, this highly expressive sonata creates an effect akin to resigned, sorrowful sighs.

ID: 1414
Key: F Minor
Year: -
Level: 7
Period: Baroque
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Quiet grief

The Sonata in f minor K. 466 is highly expressive and morose. Combining a motif in broken chords with a motif in triplets, it repeatedly creates an effect akin to resigned, sorrowful sighs. Apart from a brief respite in A flat major during the middle of the piece, the sad mood prevails throughout the piece. Perhaps it is the quiet grief after some tragic event that is being portrayed?


Scarlatti composed 555 keyboard sonatas covering an astonishing range of styles and characters, most of which were one-movement works in binary form (the Sonata form as it is known today was yet to be developed during the Baroque period). Featuring highly inventive and often virtuosic keyboard writing, modulations to unusually distant keys, and sometimes an audacious use of dissonance, they exhaust the technical and tonal possibilities of the harpsichord, and they have become popular among harpsichordists and pianists alike.

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Domenico Scarlatti, who was one of the prominent composers active in the Baroque era, wrote this piece titled "Sonata"K. 466 in F Minor from Sonatas. The composition is categorized as "Sonata" in the sheet music library and the level of difficulty in the piano music database is 7.