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Thanks to his remarkable talent for writing music with memorable melodies and strong emotional content, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) became the author of some of the most well-known classical music across a range of genres: opera, ballet, orchestral and chamber music. From an early age he showed exceptional talent at the piano. When he was fourteen, Tchaikovsky’s mother died – a severe shock to the young composer who had already showed signs of a nervous disposition. As a young man Tchaikovsky was sent to St. Petersburg to study law, but his talent and love for music was stronger than family expectations. In 1862 he entered the St. Petersburg Conservatory, studying composition with Anton Rubinstein. Tchaikovsky made splendid progress and only five years later he was offered a professorship of harmony at the new conservatory in Moscow. He suffered a nervous breakdown, but still managed to finish his first symphony, and to produce during the next seven or eight years three more symphonies, two operas, the ballet Swan Lake (1875) and several chamber music works. In 1877, when Tchaikovsky was a well-established composer, another tragic episode occurred: Tchaikovsky married one of his most ardent admirers, Antonina Ivanovna Milyukova. Their marriage lasted only a couple of months, but the disastrous union provoked the composer into an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Despite his personal instability and distress, Tchaikovsky continued to turn out brilliant compositions, including the Serenade for Strings (1881), the 1812 Overture (1882), The Nutcracker (1890), Sleeping Beauty (1892) and more symphonies. He also had great success as a conductor going on tours across Europe. Shortly after the first performance of his tragic sixth symphony, Pathétique, in October 1893, the composer died – officially of cholera, but according to rumour from poison, which he had been forced to take in order to avoid a scandal involving his homosexuality.

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Total pieces by Tchaikovsky: 61

TitleKey YearLevel

The Seasons Op. 37

1. January - By the Fireside A Major 18767
2. February - Carnival D Major 18767
3. March - Song of the Lark G Minor 18767
4. April - Snowdrop B-flat Major 18767
5. May - White Nights G Major 18767
6. June - Barcarolle G Minor 18767
7. July - The Reaper's Song E-flat Major 18766
8. August - The Harvest B Minor 18767
9. September - The Hunt G Major 18767
10. October - Autumn Song D Minor 18766
11. November - In the Troika E Major 18767
12. December - Christmas A-flat Major 18766

Album for the Young Op. 39

1. Morning Prayer G Major 18783
2. Winter Morning B Minor 18786
3. Mama G Major 18784
4. The Little Horseman D Major 18786
5. Marches of the Wooden Soldier D Major 18784
6. The New Doll B-flat Major 18785
7. The Sick Doll G Minor 18783
8. The Doll's Burial C Minor 18784
9. Waltz E-flat Major 18785
10. Polka B-flat Major 18785
11. Mazurka D Minor 18784
12. Russian Song F Major 18784
13. The Peasant Plays an Introduction B-flat Major 18785
14. Folk Song D Major 18786
15. Italian Song D Major 18784
16. Old French Melody G Minor 18783
17. German Song E-flat Major 18785
18. Neapolitan Song E-flat Major 18785
19. The Old Maid-Servant's Tale C Major 18785
20. The Witch E Minor 18786
21. Sweet Reverie C Major 18784
22. Song of the Lark G Major 18785
23. In Church E Minor 18784
24. The Hurdy-Gurdy G Major 18785

Eighteen Characteristic Pieces Op. 72

1. Impromptu F Minor 18938
2. Lullaby A-flat Major 18938
3. Gentle Reproaches C-sharp Minor 18937
4. Characteristic Dance D Major 18937
8. Dialogue B Major 18938
9. A Bit of Schumann D-flat Major 18937
12. The Rascal E Major 18937
13. Countryside Echo E-flat Major 18938
15. A Bit of Chopin C-sharp Minor 18938
16. Waltz in Five-Beat time D Major 18938

Miscellaneous pieces

Waltz - from the opera "Eugen Onegin" D Major -3
Souvenir de Hapsal Op. 2E Minor 18678+
Romance Op. 5F Minor 18688
Waltz - Scherzo Op. 7A Major 18686
Capriccio Op. 8G-flat Major 18708+
Polka de Salon Op. 9B-flat Major 18708+
Nocturne Op. 10 No. 1F Major 18718
Original Theme and Variations Op. 19 No. 6F Major 18738+
Sad Song Op. 40 No. 2B-flat Major 18785
Song Without words Op. 40 No. 6A Minor 18785
Waltz Op. 40 No. 9F-sharp Minor 18787
Russian Dance Op. 40 No. 10A Minor 18787
Sentimental Waltz Op. 51 No. 6F Minor 18737
Dumka Op. 59C Minor 18738+
Piano Concerto 1 Op. 23B-flat Minor 18758+

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