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Topic: College Audition Repitoire Selection  (Read 1004 times)

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College Audition Repitoire Selection
on: May 06, 2022, 06:17:55 PM
Hi everyone, I am working on selecting pieces for my college audition. I have over six months to prepare.

The requirements are:
Bach Prelude and Fugue (WTC)
Full sonata by Beethoven, Mozart, Hadyn, or Schubert.
19th or 20th-century piece.

My question is what is your opinion on which pieces I should choose? Difficulty is not really a factor for me unless its way over the top on difficulty. My main question is on the Bach, because I am not super familiar with WTC and there are way too many choices.

For the sonata, I plan on doing Beethoven Pathetique, but I don't know if it's too easy/overplayed.

For the 19th-20th-century piece, I want to do a Chopin etude, maybe 10-5, but I don't know if that's a good idea.

I would appreciate any input, thanks!

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Re: College Audition Repitoire Selection
Reply #1 on: May 07, 2022, 05:02:56 AM
Allow yourself to showcase your strengths. Cover a wide variety of techniques and styles. Each selection should be vastly different from the previous. I recommend a WTC Prelude and Fugue (whichever speaks to you best, listen through as many as you can) and a more heroic/transitional Beethoven sonata such as Op. 13, Op. 31, Op. 26 or even Op. 53 or 57 if you can handle it. The last selection is more open ended. I would go with something bigger than an etude if you're going the Chopin route. A Scherzo or Ballade is a good option. Outside of Chopin you could try some Rachmaninoff, or maybe even Ravel. I believe in variety for a college audition, so I can't give you anything more specific than this.

Op. 13 is hard enough for this. I got into my school this year using it. Just keep in mind that it's quite wild in the first movement and requires control. The second and third movements are lighter, I doubt they'd present a problem. There's very particular articulation in the third movement that I really recommend following, many pianists don't. It probably is somewhat "overplayed", but if you're passionate about it then play it. I think there are many Beethoven sonatas that are more interesting, even if Op. 13 is fantastic. The beauty of Beethoven...
Second Year Undergrad:
Bach BWV 914
Beethoven Op. 58
Reger Op. 24 No. 5
Rachmaninoff Op. 39 No. 3 & No. 5

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