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13 Easy Pieces by Beethoven and Gurlitt

Ludwig van Beethoven wrote a large number of easy dance pieces for piano. These pieces often remained unpublished; when this is the case they are catalogued as “WoO” (Werke ohne Opuszahl), “works without opus numbers”. For the piano student, these pieces are of course of great value. They offer the opportunity to get a taste of Beethoven’s piano writing, and can function as a preparation for larger works like sonatinas and variations.

Cornelius Gurlitt was perhaps a lesser genius than Beethoven, but a genius nevertheless. His particular talent was to write extremely useful teaching pieces for piano, the best of which are also very beautiful, imaginative and fun to play, and have been used by generations of piano teachers.

Piano Street now adds scores and recordings of six pieces by Beethoven and seven pieces by Gurlitt to our catalogue of easy and intermediate pieces. Click the score previews below to hear recordings and download the sheet music.

View all easy pieces by Beethoven >>
View all easy pieces by Gurlitt >>

Ludwig van Beethoven – 6 new pieces

German Dance, WoO 13 no 6

Ecossaise, WoO 23

German Dance, WoO 42 no 1

German Dance, WoO 42 no 2

German Dance, WoO 42 no 4

Russian Folk Song, op 107 no 7

Cornelius Gurlitt – 7 new pieces

Little Waltz, opus 82, no 18

Night Journey, opus 82, no 65

The Chase, opus 117, no 15

The Return, op 117, no 24

In the Garden, op 140 no 4

Rose Rock, op 205 no 8

A Little Flower, op 205, no 11


International Piano – November/December 2016

A new issue of the magazine International Piano is out!

Nelson Goerner, described as ‘the poet-philosopher of the piano’, brings depth and delight to his take on Beethoven’s mighty Hammerklavier Sonata; we celebrate Alfred Brendel’s 85th birthday year with an assessment of his vast discography; IP’s pick of international competitions in 2017; and women pianists who blazed a trail in the early years of recording. Plus, competition coverage from Cliburn and Cleveland; Louis Schwizgebel prepares for his International Piano Series debut in London; Llŷr Williams on his latest concert series devised around music and pictures; a newly discovered Bill Evans album reveals the jazz master at the height of his powers; the pros and cons of competitions; learning to love scales; Charles Owen introduces his new Bach album; Christmas gift ideas for pianophiles; and free sheet music of two contemporary pieces from EVC Publications.

Piano Street Gold members have instant online access to the digital version of the magazine.


Piano Street Reaches 20,000 Likes on Facebook

The Piano Street team would like to say a special thank you to all piano fans around the world who like us on Facebook, where our page has recently passed 20,000 likes!

Join us celebrating this milestone, on the theme of sharing, by spreading the enjoyment of classical piano music and the benefits of a Piano Street membership!

Special 20k Facebook offer:

Get a free 1-month Gold membership voucher to share with your friend, student (or anyone who you belive will enjoy and benefit from Piano Street’s extensive resources) on any Gold membership purchase done until July 31 (extended)!

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A new list of Instructive Editions

At the Music Education Expo in London last week, we received a lot of positive feedback from piano teachers and students who had successfully used Piano Street’s Instructive Editions to improve the learning process. But we also became aware of a problem: they were difficult to find on the website. That problem is now solved and you can easily find the pieces having instructive editions listed on this page:


There are now Instructive Editions for 15 pieces, including some of the world’s most popular teaching pieces as well as gems like Clair de lune and Für Elise:

  • Bach: Minuet in G Major
  • Bach: Little Prelude in C Major
  • Burgmuller: Arabesque Opus 100, no. 2
  • Clementi: Sonatina in C, Opus 36 no. 1
  • Clementi: Arietta in C
  • Gurlitt: The Rocking Horse
  • Haydn: Minuet in G
  • Rameau: Minuet in C
  • Schumann: Melodie Opus 68, no. 1
  • Beethoven: Fur Elise
  • Chopin: Prelude op 28 no 4 in E Minor
  • Schumann: Traumerei opus 15 no 7
  • Debussy: Clair de Lune
  • Mozart: Fantasy in D Minor, K. 397
  • Rachmaninoff: Prelude Op. 3 No. 2 in C-sharp Minor

“Using the Practice Guide is like always practicing with a teacher next to you; demanding but incredibly effective!”


Piano Street Introduces New Concept: Urtext & Instructive Edition

Note: This is an old post. For latest information about Instructive editions, please visit this page: www.pianostreet.com/instructive

On the recent Music Education Expo in London, Piano Street presented a new concept for sheet music publication: The Piano Street Urtext & Instructive Edition

Scores for all stages of learning

Thanks to the possibilities of digital technology we are no longer limited to just one specific edition of a piano composition when going through the various stages of learning. Depending on your own level of experience and where you are in the learning process of a particular piece, you may need fingering, pedal markings, practice and performance tips, or perhaps the right opposite – a clean Urtext score.

Marking the start of the Piano Street’s series of Rachmaninoff Editions with the famous Prelude in C-sharp minor, Op. 3 No. 2, all these aspects are taken into account in one single publication containing:

1. Introduction to the piece: History and a brief analysis of the composition.

2. Practice tips: Preparatory exercises which greatly facilitates the learning of the piece.

3. PS Instructive Edition: An educational edition covering all the information a teacher would give you during your first couple of lessons with the piece, including:

  • Detailed fingering with alternatives for small hands
  • Pedal instructions including Piano Street’s unique half-pedal marking
  • Technical advice
  • Artistic advice

4. PS Urtext: The clean score. Exactly what the composer wrote, no more, no less.

Update 29 July 2014:

The first four instructive editions are now available to download and print for all Piano Street Gold members:

Bach: Minuet in G (BWV Anh. 114)
Bürgmuller: Arabesque in A minor, opus 100, no 2
Chopin: Prelude in E minor, opus 28, no 4
Rachmaninoff: Prelude in C-sharp minor, opus 3, no 2

Stay tuned! More Instructive Editions are coming soon to pianostreet.com. Sign up for a Gold membership here or upgrade your Silver membership to get instant access to the new Instructive Editions.


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