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Robert Schumann: Kinderszenen

Kinderszenen was one of the projects Schumann worked on during the spring of 1838 to get through a difficult period of separation from his fiancée,
Clara Wieck, who was on tour as a pianist and whose father objected to the idea of her marriage to the composer. In March of that year, Schumann wrote to Clara, "I have been waiting for your letter and have in the meantime filled several books with pieces.... You once said to me that I often seemed like a child, and I suddenly got inspired and knocked off around 30 quaint little pieces....
I selected several and titled them Kinderszenen. You will enjoy them, though you will need to forget that you are a virtuoso when you play them."
The collection, perhaps the most popular of Schumann´s compositions, captures the innocence of childhood and evokes its feelings and dreams in a quite wonderful way. The seventh piece of the set, Träumerei is one of the most famous piano pieces ever written: it exists in myriad forms and transcriptions, and has been a favourite encore of many pianists.

Sheet Music Downloads:

TitleASTKey Published Type Level
Von fremden Ländern und Menschen Op. 15 No. 1G Major 1839 Piece 5
Kuriose Geschichte Op. 15 No. 2D Major 1839 Piece 6
Hasche-Mann Op. 15 No. 3B Minor 1839 Piece 8
Bittendes Kind Op. 15 No. 4D Major 1839 Piece 7
Glückes genug Op. 15 No. 5D Major 1839 Piece 7
Wichtige Begebenheit Op. 15 No. 6A Major 1839 Piece 7
Träumerei Op. 15 No. 7F Major 1839 Piece 7
Am Kamin Op. 15 No. 8F Major 1839 Piece 7
Ritter vom Steckenpferd Op. 15 No. 9C Major 1839 Piece 8
Fast zu ernst Op. 15 No. 10G-sharp Minor 1839 Piece 7
Fürchtenmachen Op. 15 No. 11E Minor 1839 Piece 7
Kind im Einschlummern Op. 15 No. 12E Minor 1839 Piece 6
Der Dichter spricht Op. 15 No. 13G Major 1839 Piece 6

Posts in the piano forum about Kinderszenen by Schumann:

xx schumanns kinderszenen
June 03, 2011, 04:04:37 PM by gradedpiano

could anyone tell me what grade the pieces included in schumanns kinderszenen are, mainly about strange lands and people. Im going to play a few for a music exam i have at my school, they have to be grade 6 or above abrsm standard. thanks

xx kinderszenen
March 24, 2011, 01:26:23 AM by chopin_89

has anybody used the collection kinderszenen (schumann) regularly as a teaching tool? if anyone who is familiar with teaching the collection as a whole could share some pros and cons, that would be great..

xx Schumann's Kinderszenen Op. 15
August 22, 2010, 07:29:25 PM by tds

From CD "Scenes of Childhood" (Teguh Sukaryo, pianist). Jakarta, 2010. Copyright reserved

No. 2, 3, 7 (traumerei) and 9

xx Schumann Scenes from Childhood suggestions - please
August 12, 2010, 08:24:13 PM by percycat

Hello Everyone,
This is my first post. : )

I am learning #1 (Of Foreign Lands and People) and #7 (Traumerei) and would like a recommendation for 3rd or maybe a fourth piece to play with these two as a collection. I think I would like play number #7 last because it has a definite ending sound. I assume I will play #1 first.

A first thought would be to play #12 (Child Falling Asleep), but I am open any suggestions. I think they are all within my playing ability, although some are clearly more challenging to play than others.

I look forward to hearing your recommendations!

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