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Recent Articles & News
Belated London Premiere for Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel on International Women’s Day
As part of its special day of programming for International Women’s Day, BBC Radio 3 broadcasted a live performance of the Easter Sonata, a major piano work which until recently had been attributed to Felix Mendelssohn, but is now proved to be the work of his sister Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel. Read more...
Barenboim on Chopin’s Ballade no. 1
Chopin inspires musicians to greater artistry and, as Barenboim says in this video, makes them want to sound as if the music is simply emanating from them as light from a candle. In this ballade, Chopin also takes us on a leisurely stroll through his own private musical world. Read more...
Immersed in Mozart – Roberto Prosseda on Recording the Early Sonatas
The Italian pianist Roberto Prosseda has previously recorded Mendelssohn’s complete piano works. Now he is embarking on a new, slightly less encyclopedic but equally ambitious project, that of recording Mozart’s complete sonatas. Read more...
New Chopin Photo Found!
The Swiss physicist and Chopin connoisseur Alain Kohler, already known for discovering in a private German home a Pleyel piano that once belonged to Frédéric Chopin, has made another sensational find. Kohler, together with Gilles Bencimon of Radio France Internationale, recently announced that they have unearthed a new, previously unknown photograph of Chopin. Read more...
International Piano – Jan/Feb issue is out
In the January-February 2017 issue French superstar pianist Jean-Efflam Bavouzet brings erudition, insight and boundless energy to his complete cycle of Beethoven sonatas. Jeremy Nicholas can’t help but finding himself bowled over by the Gallic charm and boundless enthusiasm of this unique and stimulating talent. Read more...
Congratulations Maurizio Pollini 75!
On January 5th the Italian pianist celebrated his 75th birthday. Piano Street congratulates one of the great pianists of our time and shares a lovely filmed portrait on his life. Read more...
Top Picks of 2016
We wish you a Happy New Year with a list of highly recommended reading from Piano Street’s Classical Piano Blog. These are the 10 most read, discussed or shared articles of 2016. Read more...
The Audiovisual Study Tool (AST) Updated
In a significant improvement of Piano Street’s Audiovisual Study Tool (AST), Naxos Music Library is now fully integrated allowing users to conveniently stream recordings without logging in separately to a Naxos Music Library account. Read more...
Piano News Flash
Keyboard Legend Honors Bowie
He used to spin keyboard solos of dizzying complexity and even once journeyed to the 'Center of the Earth'. Rick Wakeman dazzled audiences as a child, too, before experiencing prodigy burnout at the Royal College of Music. After playing Bowie's 'Life on Mars' as an homage for a live performance recently, he remarked that the piano itself is his favorite instrument from among his numerous keyboards. Read more at newsweek.com
Replaced by a Robot?
Through modern technology, a robot can reproduce the exact performance of a human performer. It's based on Wayne Stahnke’s Live Performance LX system. Will this monstrosity take the place of the future's Richters, Horowitzes, or Trifonovs? That remains to be seen. Read more at dailymail.co.uk
You Threw Out What?
Imagine going to the dump and finding a Steinway piano pushed onto its side. Further, imagine that it still works and is in tune. That's what happened in the northern part of Western Australia. Apparently, it was just a big misunderstanding and mistake. Fortunately, there is a happy ending! Read more at abc.net.au
Music in Its Purest Form
March 19, 2017 officially marks the 100th anniversary of Dinu Lipatti's birth and the fascination with this pianist continues unabated, his name continuing to be held in the highest esteem amongst piano fans and professionals alike. Read more at crosseyedpianist.com
In the Shadow of Greatness
When a conductor friend once wrote Brahms and asked why he had not written a symphony, Brahms famously quipped, 'You have no conception of how the likes of us feel when we hear the tramp of a giant like him behind us'. He was referring, of course, to Beethoven. Pianists in Moscow face the same kind of specter. The memories of Van Cliburn resonate to every corner of Russian concert halls until this day. Read more at npr.org
Too High-Priced?
Despite a gaggle of supremely talented pianists who live and study in Hong Kong, the city chose to spend $10 million to lure Lang Lang to its 20-year anniversary of a return to Chinese rule after Britain's 99-year lease ran out. Read more at scmp.com
The Metaphorical 'SPROING-G-G-G-G!'
Imagine that you're playing a luscious Steinway D. Further, imagine that you're playing the Rachmaninoff second piano concerto. Now, imagine that something gives inside an instrument worth $160,000. It would be a grim experience. It almost never happens with newer Steinway pianos, but it did on a New Jersey stage. Read more at nj.com
The Importance of Silence
So often, the piano student sits on the bench slogging away through scales, dominant-seventh arpeggios, and other assorted drudgery. Multiple hours a day, the student dutifully works. The great piano pedagogue, Theodor Leschetizky, believed that a student should pause occasionally to assess what he or she had just played. These silences are crucial to the development of one's skills as a pianist. Read more at practisingthepiano.com
More news: News Flash Archive >

Piano Street Site Updates
25 november 2016:
13 Easy Pieces by Beethoven and Gurlitt.

29 July 2016:
New pieces added to the line of Instructive Editions.

18 February 2016:
New pieces added to the line of Instructive Editions.

18 February 2016:
Piano Street at the Music Education Expo 2016.

12 February 2016:
Six more composers added to the Audiovisual Study Tool

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